Desroches Private Island

The “Outer” Coral Islands

This southerly coral island lies on the edge of flat banks best known for its fly-fishing and offers the typical style of remote island living. It is surrounded by a number of similarly flat coral islands that make for perfect Robinson Crusoe escapes.

Along with the remaining Amirante Islands, Desroches had been a part of the Seychelles since it became a separate colony in 1909. On November 8, 1965, the United Kingdom split Desroches from the Seychelles to become part of the newly created British Indian Ocean Territory together with Farquhar, Aldabra and the Chagos Archipelago, but returned it to the Seychelles with the first two. The purpose was to allow the construction of military facilities for the mutual benefit of the United Kingdom and the United States. On June 23, 1976, Desroches was returned to Seychelles as a result of it attaining independence.

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