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Whether sedately cruising the ocean on century-old schooners, hiking through lush forests teeming with rare species of flora and fauna or discovering the enchantments of neighboring islands, SELECT-SEYCHELLES invites you on a fascinating journey of discovery to savour the very best the islands have to offer. Considered as nature’s most peaceful refuge, the Seychelles Islands offer some of the most dramatic and picturesque islands in the world. The assorted and diverse range of excursions allows you to taste & experience the Creole culture of yesteryear through the old Creole architecture, historic spice gardens, distilleries of exotic oils and tails of ‘bygone’ times. Discover magical sites, heart-stopping panoramas and ocean vistas on scenic mountain drives. Savour the succulent Creole buffets, journey ‘through the eyes of an artist’ and sail with the ‘pirates’!

Experience these wonderful aspects with  SELECT-SEYCHELLES . We will ‘craft’ your excursion itinerary allowing you to explore the ‘secrets’ of the one and only place where nothing is impossible…

“Decisions, Decisions. With 115 islands and atolls to choose from I am struggling. Mischief on Mahé? Peace on Praslin? Fantasy on Frégate? Solitude on Silhouette? You see the problem. “Do all of them, man”, counsels Jean-Luc. And with a fortnight to spare it proves not only practical but affordable. Or would have done if I had taken the ferry rather than the helicopter option.

For a nation of just 82,000 souls the difference in the character of the islands is astonishing and unpredictable. These are miniature worlds, some unchanged in millennia, others now blessed with imaginative hotels. What marks them out from other archipelagos is that they are readily accessible – by fast ferry, inter-island air services, or friendly fishing boat. Exclusivity needn’t even break the bank, though with a taste for good wine you could have a stab at it.

Was it luck my island hopping itinerary worked out so well? “No, man,” laughed Jean-Luc, “Ain’t no such thing as a bad island choice.”

Julian Allason – Financial Times

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