Fregate Island Private

The “Inner” Granitic Islands

One of the natural gems of the granitic group, Fregate pays equal attention to its guests as it does to its rare Magpie Robin and Tenebroid Beetle, not to mention a colony of fairy and sooty terns.

It offers the closest experience to life on a former island plantation and the beach of Anse Victorin is one of the least known secrets among travelers.

The highest point on the island is called Mount Signale, which reaches a peak of 125 metres (410 feet) in the central west area of the island. The Riviére Bambous flows from approximately 300 metres north-east of the mountain where it flows down past the Gros Bois Noire and Plaine Magnan areas of the northern inner island and then acutely northeast until it reaches the Indian Ocean north of the airstrip on the east coast. Beaches on the north coast include from west to east the award winning Anse Victorin beach, Anse Maquereau and then Anse Bambous on the north-east corner of the island. On the western point of the island there is the Pointe Fouqué and then on the southwest coast the Grand Anse, Petit Grande Anse and the small beach Anse Felix. On the southeastern coast there are the small beaches of Anse Coup de Poing and Anse Parc. There is a still a plantation house on the island, this is located near the eastern coast of the island south of the airstrip.

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