An Introduction:

The Seychelles Islands offer a diversity of accommodation characterized as large hotels (+25 rooms), small hotels, self-catering apartments, one island – one resort & accommodation afloat. This mixed of lodgings provides everything from well-appointed opulence 5-star resorts on Mahe & Praslin and the prestigious and secluded island getaways to the intimate and rustic Creole charm of the smaller hotels which lie at the heart of the Seychellois way of life. Whatever your choice, SELECT-SEYCHELLES will find something to suit your budget and expectations for one of your most fascinating holidays ever!

Seychelles offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Choices range from small family guesthouses and small hotels to luxury resorts and exclusive island hideaways. If you prefer the sea you can also choose from live-aboard and luxury yachts to cruise around the islands. The rapidly changing face of Seychelles’ accommodation scene, in which new and renovated establishments are coming on line regularly, is providing visitors with wider choice and greater options in their selection of holiday accommodation. A wide range of affordable, new and refurbished hotels, self-caterings and charming guesthouses are joining the ranks of existing 5-star hotels and exclusive island retreats to offer memorable stays among welcoming Creole people and stunning natural surrounds. 16 of Seychelles 115 islands currently offer accommodation with more expected to develop hotel facilities in the near future.

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