North Island

The “Inner” Granitic Islands

Only a short helicopter ride from Mahe, lies the hideaway of the Royals, Hollywood celebrities, the Rich and the Famous. The island has a comprehensive nature rehabilitation program and has even adopted a number of baby giant tortoises from neighboring Silhouette Island.

North was one of the first Seychelles islands to be visited. An expedition in 1609 by Alexander Maier of the British East India Company reported that the island had a large population of giant land tortoises.

From 1826 until the 1970s, North Island was owned by the Beaufond family from Réunion. During this time the island was a plantation for growing fruit and spices, as well as producing guano, fish oil and copra. After the plantation was sold in the 1970s, the island fell into disuse, and was taken over by feral animals and alien species of weeds.

In 1997, North Island was purchased by Wilderness Holdings Limited, an eco-tourism company from South Africa, which has developed the island as a private resort area with eleven villas for rent to visitors.

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