No holiday to Seychelles is complete without the experience of the sea. Charter a liveaboard, a yacht, a catamaran or a luxury craft to sail away from one island to another. Catch fish along the way and enjoy it grilled in a secluded cove for a perfect picnic.

Since the 9th century, when intrepid Arab seafarers first sailed the then uncharted waters off the east coast of Africa, Seychelles’ waters have been visited by a succession of sailors under a host of different flags. Phoenician traders, Polynesian adventurers, a Chinese flotilla and pirates – all navigated the Seychelles archipelago, leaving little behind except footprints in silver sands and tales of buried treasure.

Today, Seychelles welcomes a new generation of sailors to its pristine waters to enjoy the myriad treasures that have remained wonderfully intact since the occupants of Arab dhows first wondered at these islands’ astonishing beauty.

115 sparkling and diverse isles set like gemstones in an azure sea and offering year-round sailing combines with international and local charter companies that provide a wide selection of specialized craft, both skippered and bareboat, to offer the sailing experience of a lifetime.

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