Silhouette Island

The “Inner” Granitic Islands

This magnificent mountainous island that can be seen from the beach of Beau Vallon in north Mahe was only open to tourism in the last few years and almost all of the island is under strict nature conservation. A good pair of legs is important if you are to discover its natural treasures up in the mountains.

Silhouette Island is situated within a Marine National Park and is dedicated to environmental protection. It is one of the richest biodiversity hot-spots in the western Indian Ocean with many endemic and threatened plant and animal species. The island has a large area of primeval forest and supports the last known roosts of the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat Coleura seychellensis. The island is an Important Bird Area and is considered by the Alliance for Zero Extinction to be an important site for the survival of Critically Endangered species.

Conservation of the island is managed by the Island Conservation Society.
The island is surrounded by a rich marine environment, including a coral barrier reef and granite cliffs. The coral habitats are exceptionally healthy and there are many good diving sites, although strong currents may limit swimming or water-sports. On a clear day, one can experience spectacular views of the north coast of Mahé.

View images from Hilton Labriz Seychelles at Silhoutte Island

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